How does Weaver work?
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Weaver is a marketplace connecting main contractors with home renovation projects. 👷

We are unique as we vet and verify both contractors and projects. We want to make quality connections, so vetting is a big part of what we do.

We check that architects & homeowners are tender-ready, have design information and are serious about their project reducing time wasted with prospects that lead to nothing.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up to our app

  2. Upload your project

  3. Complete tasks

  4. 'Start matching' to find contractors

  5. Receive new contractor matches in your inbox!

Your project will be sent out to our vast network of main contractors within 1 business day. We typically find all contractors within 3 days.

Why use Weaver?

Shortlist vetted contractors liked by architects

Weaver gets your client projects up to 3 quotes from real contractors. We check each builder’s past projects & company information so you don’t have to. For free.

Spot quality

Save time trawling the internet for the builder's relevant work experience — with our chronologically listed past projects.

View badges 🛡

Wondering how much vetting has been done? Just look out for the Weaver badge. The more verified projects the builder has, the higher they rank - bronze, silver and gold!

Companies House information

View the contractors history, company incorporation date, past projects and see whether their references have been verified. See our guide to contractor profiles

Invite homeowners to your project (if you want to) 💌

Start a group chat to give you visibility on all communication.

Invite your contractors to the project

You can add non-Weaver contractors, if you like, to your project free of charge!

Who is it for?

Homeowners and architects can use our platform to find the best main contractors for their home renovation project.

We service main contractors (or builders) who work on complete home renovations servicing architect-led projects with all the relevant trades under one agreement.

We verify each builder’s company information and call up their prior work references so you can be sure that they are the real deal.

What kind of projects do you introduce?

Our projects range from £30k to £3m, come with design detail and usually with an architect involved. The homeowner has been vetted by us to ensure that they are ready to tender with their home renovation.

We have residential and unique commercial projects.

How much does it cost?

Homeowners find contractors for free!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via email on or Live Chat. We’d love to hear from you ✨

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